Florida Frame House | Changing Walls One Frame At A Time
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“In a world where almost everything we buy is machine-made and mass-produced, there are few areas of life which afford us the pleasure of commissioning something made by hand. This luxury is still available in choosing a frame for a picture.”

– Piers and Caroline Feetham, The Art of Framing, NY 1997


Although machinery is, of course, used in producing frames, much of the process is still done by hand, so there is discretion to incorporate variations and details by choice. Arriving at the best result takes time, patience, and careful thought, but the end product, a made-to-order picture frame, will be unique and should afford you pleasure for many years to come. If you think about it, we usually keep our artwork—and certainly our photographs and other items of sentimental value—our whole lives, even though our draperies, furnishings, carpeting or other surroundings may change.


That’s why at Florida Frame House we believe in preserving these items while visibly enhancing their presentation.. We create designs you’ll want to live with for a long time, and use materials that will provide a “home” for your art which is safe and long-lasting as well as beautiful.















Each time a piece of art is afforded the chance to enhance an area, there is an opportunity to break from the uniformity that retail stores offer.  There is a chance to add your own style and uniqueness to your surroundings instead of “doing what everyone else does”. There is a chance to provide a powerful and long-lasting experience and is all done through custom framing.

The profound impact of custom framing is undeniable. The visual effects of custom framing can be as evident as speaking with someone with many missing teeth or as subtle as differentiating beige from bone white. Top retailers rely on consumers settling for cheapness, speed, and uniformity, as opposed to uniqueness, quality, value, and longevity.

Make your home more enjoyable by choosing items and art that have meaning to you, and framing that’s extra special so that all those years down the road you will still say “Wow” looking at the beautiful framing that was hand-made just for you.