Wood Verses Metal Picture Frames

Selecting the right frame for a painting or photograph is important. A number of factors should be evaluated. Primary considerations are:

  1. Picture Type: For a rustic painting or sepia photograph, a wood frame may be appropriate. For a contemporary painting or colorful photograph, a metal frame may accent the content more effectively.
  2. The Room: If the room where your picture will hang is traditional, a wood frame may look better. For a more modern or high tech environment, a metal frame may be the right choice.
  3. Personal Preference: And, as always, what you like is important. Pick a frame you love because you will be living with it for a long time.

Of course, an important selection task is to take your picture to a custom framing shop and test frame samples with it. Florida Frame House and Gallery can help you select the proper frame that accents your picture and your room’s ambience. Click on “Frames” in the menu to he left to see a sample of our frame selections.  Also, we can order a wide variety of additional designs from our vendor network.

Stop by Florida Frame House in Winter Park, Orlando Florida and we can talk to you more about this concept. Perhaps some of our custom and limited edition art will help round out your wall.


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